Contract End

You are wondering what happens when the contract ends. Well at that time you have 3 options.

  1. You can keep paying the monthly fee and the contract will become a month to month term.
    • The advantages to this are:
      • You keep the same website with no changes.
      • There are no pricing changes.
    • The disadvantages are:
      • Either party can cancel the contract with one months notice.
      • It has been 2 years since your website has had a makeover. It may be getting stale.
  2. You can sign a new contract and get a fresh new website.
    • The advantages to this are:
      • You will have a new website taking advantage of any new technologies and trends.
      • This may be a good time to upgrade your plan and add more features.
      • This would be a good time to transition as we will design and get your approval of the new website while leaving the original website online. When everything is perfect we will migrate the new website over. All this would be included in the new contract.
    • The disadvantages are:
      • There nay or may not be a price increase. We are good but still can’t tell the future.
  3. You can sever your association with us and seek another company for your website needs. We really hope you would not be choosing this option.
    • The advantages to this are:
      • If you have reassessed your website needs this would be a good time to pull your web presence.
      • If you are unhappy with Silver City Web Services then this would be a good time to switch companies. We really hope this wouldn’t be the case.
    • The disadvantages are:
      • If you need us to migrate your site or help your new agent migrate your site we will have to charge our standard posted hourly rate for this service.