I Have A Web Site

So you have a website how can I help?

If you setup your website on one of the do-it-yourself services I am sure that you have found that you are restricted to specific things you can do. This really sniffles your creative talents. Also you are finding that the hosting costs are high and everything you want to add is an additional monthly or yearly cost. Here is what I can do for you.

  • I will transfer your website from whatever host to my servers. The cost for this is usually minimal. It includes the following
    • Dedicated server for your website. Most of the other web hosting companies are selling you a shared server. This means if one of the sites you are sharing with were to break it can break your website.
    • Dedicated IP for your site. This is an additional charge from most web hosts.
    • Daily, weekly and monthly backups. This is an extra charge from most web hosts.
    • SSL encryption for your web site, the little lock in the address bar. If you need a better SSL certificate for maybe online sales you can get that at an additional cost but because you have a dedicated IP you wont have to pay for that extra charge.
    • Install all the software needed for your web site.
    • Design the web pages for your site.
    • Publish your web site.


After your web site is published the service doesn't stop. Here are some of the additional services I perform for my web site hosting fee.

  • Renew your domain name yearly.
  • Maintain your web site server.
  • Periodically backup your web site (daily, weekly and monthly).
  • Keep the software on your site updated.
  • Monitor your web site to insure that it is always accessible.
  • Fix any problems that should arise.
  • Provide monthly web site reports.


For a additional fee:

  • I will make any changes to your web site pages.
  • Add additional pages.
  • Add additional features for example.
    • Appointment scheduling.
    • Reservation scheduling.
    • Inventory sales.
    • Online payments.
    • Automatic media posting (IE Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
If you are interested in this then please
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