I Need A Website

So you want a website. Here are some of the reasons a website can help your business:

  • Increase your customer base outside of word of mouth.
  • Let customers know what is happening with your business.
    • Special events.
    • Special hours. This is especially important during these trying times where you may be forced to close.
    • Special pricing.
    • New employees.
    • New services.
    • New location.
    • Etc.
  • Allow customers to make appointments or reservations.
  • Let customers know what services you offer.
  • Provide a professional Email for your customers to contact you not a me@gmail.com.
  • Allow customers to pay for services or deposits online.

What can Silver City Web Services do for you?

With our many years of web development Silver City Web Services can provide you with all aspects of setting up a web presence.

  • Obtain a domain name (www.yourcompany.com).
  • Select obtain the proper size web server in the proper location anywhere in the world for your web site.
  • Install all the software needed for your web site.
  • Design the web pages for your site.
  • Publish your web site.

After your web site is published the service doesn't stop. Here are some of the additional services I perform for my web site hosting fee.

  • Maintain your web site server.
  • Periodically backup your web site (daily, weekly and monthly).
  • Keep the software on your site updated.
  • Monitor your web site to insure that it is always accessible.
  • Fix any problems that should arise.
  • Provide weekly web site reports.

For a additional fee

  • Make any changes to your web site pages.
  • Add additional pages.
  • Add additional features for example.
    • Appointment scheduling.
    • Reservation scheduling.
    • Inventory sales.
    • Online payments.
    • Automatic media posting (IE facebook, instagram, etc.).
If you are interested in this then please