Starter Package

What's included in the Starter Package package

In the boundless expanse of the digital realm, your website is more than a URL – it’s your digital home. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a creative artist, or a passionate blogger, we proudly present the Starter Web Presence Package – a holistic solution that sparks your online presence with innovation, reliability, and creativity.

The Starter Web Presence Package is for those persons that wish to have a basic website that reflects their business but don’t need to do any online payments or sell any products or services.

If you need a bit more, like taking basic payments online check out our “Deluxe” website package.

For a full blown ecommerce site then our “Premium” website package would be what you need.

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  • Dedicated Virtual Private Server

    Those cheap hosting do it yourself services are giving you a shared server. Every one of my hosting plans feature your own VPS (Virtual Private Server). What that means is you are not sharing the server with anyone else. No body is going to hog your server. The server for this plan is:

    • 64 GB NVMe (Non volatile memory)
    • 1 vCPU
    • 2 GB memory
    • 2 TB bandwidth
    • Ubuntu operating system
    • Hosted in any one of 32 locations worldwide (typically Texas)
  • Home Page

    Silver City Web Service will design a home page that showcases your business in the best light. 

  • About Page

    This page will explain what your business is all about. Usually a little history, business goals, and mission statement.

  • Services/Product Page

    This will be a page describing your products or services. While this is not a dynamic page, that is included in the “Premium” package, it should describe what you sell or services that you perform.

  • Contact Form

    Your website will include a basic contact form. This will all clients to contact you via you existing email without exposing your email to the world wide web. There are programs that scan everyone’s webpages looking for personal information. This keeps your email private and only aviable to your clients.

  • 24/7/365 Website Monitoring

    Silver City Web Services uses a server to monitor all the websites that we host. If a website goes down Silver City Web Services is notified so the problem can be resolved. If you were to purchase this separately just the monitoring would be $240 per year, not including the resolution of the problem. With Silver City Web Services website package this is included FREE.

  • Website Analytics

    Silver City Web Services uses a Matomo server to monitor all the websites that we host. Silver City Web Services self hosted Matomo provides you with a dashboard so you can analyze your website traffic and make informed decisions.

    Don’t damage your reputation with Google Analytics. You could lose your customers’ trust and risk damaging your reputation if people learn their data is used for Google’s “own purposes”. By choosing the ethical alternative, Matomo, you won’t make privacy sacrifices or compromise your site. You can even use Matomo without needing to ask for consent.


  • Online Billing

    Silver City Web Services uses Zoho online billing utilizing Square for payment processing. Monthly you will receive a bill showing what was don’t in the last month and the time spent. This keeps you informed and knowledgeable about your website.

  • Comprehensive Contract.

    There is nothing vague about Silver City Web Service’s contract. We want you to know exactly what we are providing and exactly what is expected of you. 

  • Peace of mind billing

    With Silver City Web Service’s website package you have peace of mind knowing that you will not pay any more for your website for two full years. This lets you budget so your profits grow.

    At the end of two years you can just continue month to month, but usually it is time for a complete refresh of your website. At time we will just make a new website for you and we can enter into another two year contract.

  • Termageddon - Free install

    Collecting regulated data (names, emails, etc.) may mean that you’re required to have a Privacy Policy with specific disclosures required under multiple privacy laws. With the “Deluxe” and “Premium” website packages Silver City Web Services includes this for FREE. 

    With the “Starter” website package the installation is free when the Termageddon package is purchased through this link. 10% discount. Highly recommended!

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