Out of high school I knew I wanted to get involved in computers. As this was 1970 I decided to join the US Navy and get trained on computers. Eight years later I left the Navy and went to work for Harris Computer Systems.

I designed my first website using Dreamweaver in 2004 for my computer services company.  I have been programming since 1972. Experienced in machine language, basic, pascal, Fortran, C, C++, C#, php, html, java script, and proficient with most database systems.

In 2016 I dropped Dreamweaver and began using Drupal to create websites. In 2017 I dropped Drupal and switched to WordPress.

My partner, a graphic artist, and myself, a network engineer, retired in 2010. After we retired we traveled for 10 years living on a sailboat sailing from San Francisco to La Paz Mexico. In 2018 we sold the sailboat and bought a 5th wheel trailer that we used to travel around the US. We finally in 2020 we settled in Southwest New Mexico.

WordPress allows me to design a web site that is interactive, provides content management, and conforms to whatever platform you are viewing it on.

Silver City Web Services was started by us in 2020 to provide a little extra income, but primarily to allow us to have something to do in retirement.

Please look through my pages and be sure to visit my other  web sites and sample sites.