Quit Memorizing Passwords

Picture of masked person holding a magnifying glass with Alert: password insecure
Michael O'Quin
September 14, 2023

I have literally thousands of logins and passwords. As I am responsible for multiple websites and email accounts I am always thinking of security first. If I can have any username I want on a site I use a random username. I am not in favor of having to use my email for a username or even worse having to use “admin” for the username. Most websites I have were getting over 100 attempted logins per day! I now have any attempted login using “admin” locks out that IP forever.

Passwords that I use are all random using 25 or more characters. Some sites won’t allow passwords that long and surprisingly the biggest offenders are financial institutions! Some are even allowing only 8 characters.

So how do I keep all this in my head? I don’t, that would be impossible. I use a password manager. The one I like is Bitwarden. I used to use LastPass and there is nothing wrong with it but when GoTo acquired LastPass and raised the prices I started looking around. Also LastPass has been breached a number of times, Bitwarden has not.

One of the things I really like about Bitwarden is the folders. You can have folders and folders inside those folders. I have all my accounts organized in various folders. Also you can store credit cards, passports, drivers licenses, and much more. All of this is encrypted and can’t be decrypted by Bitwarden. You MUST NEVER forget your master password. Mine is a pass phrase like “This is not my passphrase but something like this is unbreakable!”. That is a 66 character password that is not breakable.