Silver City Web Services Increases Security On Member Websites

Three computer screens with anonymous mask on center screen.
Michael O'Quin
March 23, 2022

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the increased threat of cyber warfare effecting other businesses around the world Silver City Web Services Has deployed WordFence Free on all member sites. Additionally any administrative accounts have been secured with 2FA ( 2 Factor Authentication ) to ensure valid logins to sensitive accounts.

In a report by the US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency “Russia almost certainly considers cyber attacks an acceptable option to deter adversaries, control escalation, and prosecute conflicts.”

According to reports from our member sites I am seeing hundreds of invalid logins on every site. The number of total attacks as tracked by WordFence is running between 350 to 400 million.

Silver City Web Services will continue monitoring all the websites closely and will take preventative actions as needed. All of this is just part of any hosting package that Silver City Web Services offers.